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Recession - could it possibly be a good thing?
With this constant bombardment of doom and gloom, how could we think that the recession is anything but bad?
Format: PDF | Filesize: 35kb
Organic growth for entrepreneurial enterprises
As one of the UK's highest producers of entrepreneurs, effectively managed survival and growth are in all our interests.
Format: PDF | Filesize: 63kb
Who motivates the motivator?
With businesses feeling the strain of the current financial crisis, it's more crucial than ever to motivate and boost your workforce.
Format: PDF | Filesize: 34kb
6 steps to ensure your business wealth for the future
Would you set off on a journey with no idea of your destination? Thousands do, every day because they lack one essential thing: vision.
Format: PDF | Filesize: 66kb
Leadership or Egoship
The latest article from the North East Times is key for anyone whose ego influences their leadership.
Format: PDF | Filesize: 249kb
The Secrets of a Happy Workplace
In this interview with BDaily, find out more about the Adaptive and how to overcome workplace challenges
Format: PDF | Filesize: 184kb
Calling all leaders: are you ready for the brewing storm?
With the Government's current policies and an imminent spending review in October, it seems that while we thought we were out of recession we could well have just scratched the surface. Paula McCormack outlines what we need to do now to manage the challenges to come.
Format: PDF | Filesize: 1510kb
Bright Side of Life
Read about Paula's personal style and why she chooses particular styles for various times of the day.
Format: PDF | Filesize: 742kb
Rise to the Challenge
In this current economic climate its time for leaders to take the stand and rise to the challenge ahead of them. To find out more read the article.
Format: PDF | Filesize: 1233kb
What it takes to be a successful leader
The latest series of 'The Apprentice' reminds us of the diversity of successful business people.
Format: PDF | Filesize: 32kb
Making sense of business support
When Paula McCormack took the plunge and started her own business she underwent a steep learning curve...
Format: PDF | Filesize: 61kb
Beware of falling into a training trap
We all know the value of training, but In reality, how much time do you consistently set aside to develop your people?
Format: PDF | Filesize: 30kb
Adaptive way reaps rewards
This article from the North East Times explains why I have set up the Adaptive approach at this time, and also how this approach can be used to benefit many people and situations.
Format: PDF | Filesize: 506kb
The Truth About Redundancy
In this latest article from North East Times, we gain greater understanding of the reasons behind redundancies in this time of recession.
Format: PDF | Filesize: 638kb
Paula's Life Coaching Tips from the Sunday Sun
Look at what Paula recommends to be her top ten tips to leading and living a better life.
Format: PDF | Filesize: 1257kb
A Walk for Peace
Brief article on the events taking place throughout the North East for Peace One Day.
Format: PDF | Filesize: 237kb
Sign of the Times
Read how Paula can help your business survive through the economic downturn we're experiencing.
Format: PDF | Filesize: 1385kb
Change IS Possible
Read what Paula has to say in this months North East Times about how change IS possible!!!
Format: PDF | Filesize: 2571kb


Journey to You
A free downloadable meditation from The Adaptive's Paula McCormack
Format: MP3 | Filesize: 37336kb
Problem Solving
A free downloadable meditation from The Adaptive's Paula McCormack
Format: MP3 | Filesize: 28339kb


I Love Living Life! I Am Happy! view

Watch this amazingly inspirational video of a man called Nick Vujicic who will show you all his strength and how you should never give up on anything in life!!!

The Placebo Effect view

Wayne Dyer and Bruce Lipton explain the Placebo Effect and how you can heal yourself by simply focusing your to find out more!!!

Releasing Emotional Toxins - Deepak Chopra view

Do you know how to release your emotional toxins? Watch this short video from Deepak Chopra to find out!!!

Deepak Chopra - The Wonder of You view

Check out what Deepak Chopra has to say about "The Wonder of You"!!!


"Nothing you believe is know this is freedom" - One of the many Katieisms, watch the video to see for yourself...

Deepak Chopra - Energy is Everythingview

We have all heard of "Energy" but do we really know what it is? Watch Deepak Chopra as he explains how "Everything is Energy" - all that exists...

Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirroview

What will you do to make the change? Come to the Newcastle Arts Centre 18:30 - 20:30 on 21st September for Peace One Day. For more information check out the blog or PeaceOneDay in Newcastle on Facebook!!!