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The Adaptive Coach

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The Adaptive Coach

What’s unique and different about the Adaptive Coach is that they are on their own journey to discovery and have welcomed this journey with passion and ease. . The Adaptive Coach is highly attuned and developed to the extent that they are the ones who seek their fears, lovingly embracing them so that they can learn and grow.

Using the principles of The Adaptive Approach, we’ve designed a programme that develops not merely a coach, but the Adaptive Coach.

Our belief is that as a coach you are a facilitator of others and if you have not journeyed and faced yourself in the mirror, how can you facilitate another’s journey.

So what makes our coaching programme different is that we take the developing coach on a deep and meaningful journey to truly look at self to accept and love all they find and more (good, bad or indifferent), and from this place of acceptance, then and only then are they ready to take the next steps into becoming The Adaptive Coach, with all the resources they need in abundance for them and others.

Who would you rather be coached by? Someone who is inhibited by their own fears and therefore limited by their beliefs or The Adaptive Coach?

Our downloadable products and Audio CDs are currently in development. However this product is available as an inspirational workshop for organisations seeking a dynamic people-centred solution. For further details about our Adaptive workshops, please use our Enquiry Form: